The King of Capri

September 20, 2004

When a greedy king wakes up one morning, everything he owns has gone – blown across the bay to neighbouring Naples. When a poor and humble washerwoman wakes up that same morning her back yard is full of things that simply were not there the night before. Soon the king and the washerwoman meet for the first time and from that moment both their lives magically change.

‘If you want true literary genius, read Jeanette Winterson’s young-adult novels, a stunning new facet of her career which began with Tanglewreck. They’re too clever for me to summarise’ Guardian 

‘A lesson in virtues of generosity, wrapped up in delightful prose’ The Good Book Guide

The first story I wrote for children when my godchildren were little. We were on holiday in Capri and all our clothes blew off the washing line into someone’s garden. I stretched out this idea, as writers do, and imagined what if they had blown right across the bay to Naples.

And the ideas came about a selfish King who finds that all his kingdom has blown across the sea and into the backyard of a washerwoman called Mrs Jewel.

It’s a story about not being greedy and about finding love.

And there’s a big fat orange cat called Wash