The Stone Gods

July 3, 2008

On the airwaves, all the talk is of the new blue planet – pristine and habitable, like our own 65 million years ago, before we took it to the edge of destruction.

And off the air, Billie and Spike are falling in love.

What will happen when their story combines with the world’s story, as they whirl towards Planet Blue, into the future?

Will they – and we – ever find a safe landing place?

‘Playful but impassioned… Winterson cloaks her disillusionment with our political excesses in a sustained, imaginative jeu d’esprit. Her writing is funny and beautiful’ The Times

‘This witty, challenging and thought-provoking novel should be essential reading for anyone concerned with how we live and how we might survive’ Daily Mail

A dystopia with a happy ending? We follow the fortunes of Billy Crusoe from her battles on the dying planet of Orbis through space to Planet Blue – this pristine earth of ours, millions of years before humans.

This is her love story – it’s a robot she loves – a robot bit by bit dismantled to save energy until Billy is left cradling the head in her lap while outside falls the snow that will bury them both.

In Part Two, Billy, a sailor is washed up on Easter Island in time to see the suicidal islanders cut down all their trees. He too falls in love and lives long enough to see his lover die.

Part Three is a war zone and Part Four an apocalypse. But there is a very sexy robot with an electric tongue. Beats a toothbrush anyday.

The last line of the book is: Everything is imprinted forever with what it once was.

I was heading towards a gigantic break down when I wrote this book. There is a death at the end of each section – prefiguring my own attempt to take my own life. The book knew more than I did – it was a warning. It was a rune.

Still, there is much here that is beautiful. And quite a lot that has started coming true….

Publication: September 27, 2007

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd