You Just Have To Love Her!

You Just Have To Love Her!

Postby gabrielleh on 28 May 2009, 13:05

Quote from Jeanette Winterson ...reported in our papers... re Oxford University's first female Professor of Poetry resigning from post..."But then Oxford is a sexist little dump". Love you Jeanette :D
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Re: You Just Have To Love Her!

Postby nicbouskill on 29 May 2009, 09:17

Funny! Love her too.

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Re: You Just Have To Love Her!

Postby fred on 31 May 2009, 23:00

Yes, love her for her loyalty to friends.

This whole scenario is a lesson to all of us I think. I don't know Ruth Padel - I've heard her reading and have some of her signed books and i've observed her at the Poetry Society AGM in the past, etc (but) any comment to any journalist will have a consequence( and what intention does anybody have when they speak to a journalist?)

In the past I have stayed in rooms at Oxford Uni and I would say these rooms should be classified as little dumps, especially the bathrooms! The institution itself is something else again and exactly what it is I will never truly know!

Women must have their difference valued and their skills measured equally - I think that is my take on equality.

Maybe Oxford should appoint a team to the professorship so there would be a wealth of experience and so on( or is it that this is really only a matter of assumed power and a few £'s)
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