Hammer make movie about THE DAYLIGHT GATE!

December 4, 2013

Hammer is making a movie of my novella about witchcraft in 17c England – THE DAYLIGHT GATE.
The 1612 Pendle witch trials were the most notorious of the trials around witch burning mania. I was hammercommissioned by Hammer to write a novella about what happened. The Daylight Gate became a best seller and Hammer decided to go to film. I am writing the script and we have a first draft agreed and accepted.
Now we all know that writing movie scripts is like riding a bucking bronco – stay on as long as you can before you get thrown off – but so far I am still here.
The story centre round the witchhunt that started in Pendle after the peddlar John Law was coming through Pendle Forest and was accosted by a young woman called Alizon Device who asked him for pins from his pack. When he refused, he claimed she cursed him. He had a stroke and later died.
Among thoseletmein arrested for witchcraft was a better off gentlewoman called Alice Nutter. Why she was thrown in with the Demdike and Device riff-raff is a mystery – and it is part of the mystery I have tried to solve – but only as a fictional speculation.

Hammer is a great company back in business with some fantastic titles. They brought you LET ME IN and THE WOMAN IN BLACK.  I am excited to be working on this – whatever happens!