BBC Radio 4 – The Inconstant Moon, 10 episodes, Jeanette offers a series of reflective readings about the moon

Episode 1 – The Real Moon
Jeanette considers what the moon means to us.

Episode 2 – The Invented Moon
Jeanette considers the moon in fiction.

Episode 3 – The Mad Moon
Jeanette considers why lunar is lunatic.

Episode 4 – The Mythic Moon
The ancient and long-held dream of the moon begins to come true.

Episode 5 – The Attempted Moon
Jeanette considers earlier attempts on the moon, the planet of our dreams.

Episode 6 – The Women’s Moon
Why the male-conquered moon is still a woman’s moon.

Episode 7 – The Earth’s Moon
The moon’s imprint on our crops, our weather and our tides.

Episode 8 – The Magic Moon
Jeanette wonders at spells and futurology, alchemy and broomsticks.

Episode 9 – The Inconstant Moon
The moon in medieval and Renaissance thought.

Episode 10 – The Mock Moon
Conspiracy theories, James Bond and the great moon hoax.