Fiere. Jackie Kay. Picador Poetry. 2011

June 24, 2013

If you havent yet read Jackie Kays story of finding her birth parents, get it in these last days of winter. Red Dust Road is a wonderful book, and in a way, this new collection of poetry, FIERE, is its companion.

Here is one I like:



All winter I was waiting
for something to give
and today I felt it,
a small crack,
the sun on the sandy dunes
by the Causeway,
the feel of the land
so close to the sea.
Nick and me and the dog
striding along
by the old Benedictine monasteryjackie_kay_fiere
till we walked into
a new vocabulary
hope, benevolence, benediction
after the long wintering
of false starts,
the same day over and over,
the spring at last here
I said a small prayer,
the wind on my hair.