December 10, 2001

Dec 11th ‘Imagine getting up in the morning and finding that your feet were replaced by wheels.’ This is the grab-line for the latest boy’s toy, I mean Human Transporter, invented by Dean Kamen and just released to a waiting […]

New Column

November 10, 2001

Nov 13th This is not the column I had intended to write. Yesterday lunchtime I filed my copy as I always do, and went out. By the middle of the afternoon I was watching news of the American Airlines crash. […]

Mary Whitehouse

November 10, 2001

Nov 27th Yesterday Deborah Warner and Fiona Shaw won Best Director and Best Actress at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards, for their production of Medea. Medea is not an easy play – this is a woman who kills her own […]

Dennis Severs

November 10, 2001

Nov 17th 2001 Dennis Severs : 18 Folgate Street, The Tale of a House in Spitalfields Introduced by Peter Ackroyd. Dennis Severs was a Canadian eccentric who came to England in the 1960’s, searching for what he called ‘English light.’ […]


October 10, 2001

Oct 16th Strange world where AA Gill – Journalist Without Portfolio – feels able to savage men and women angry about this phoney war. Those savaged were, of course, writers such as Pinter, journalists like Suzanne Moore, or anyone branded […]