November 10, 2002

November This weekend sees the start of two serious television dramas; George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda on BBC1, and Boris Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago on ITV. Both have been adapted by Andrew Davies. In spite of the title’s belonging to the hero, […]

What is art for?

November 10, 2002

November An American lady travelling to Paris in 1913 – the kind of American lady who will still be travelling to Paris in 2013 – asked Ezra Pound what he thought art was for. Pound replied, ‘Ask me what a […]

Big Girl 007

September 10, 2002

Sep 13th My mission, and I chose to accept it, was to watch half a dozen Bond movies and summon up some firepower on the Bond women. I could gun down the pathetic sexism of early Bond, or the patronising […]


August 10, 2002

Aug 9th Going on holiday means always having to say you’re sorry. My own experience of holidays begins with Mrs Winterson and the annual week in Blackpool. The factory my Dad where my Dad worked, making black and white televisions […]

Joy of Sex

August 10, 2002

Aug 23rd What is good sex? If you don’t know, can you find out from a book? Mrs Winterson, who believed she was a latter-day Virgin Mary, never had sex, which is why she adopted me. Well, she might have […]