Working Women

July 10, 2002

July 5th What do working mothers want? The simple answer is – to be happy. Why do working mothers want to be happy? It seems, because, they are not. A Bupa-commissioned survey of 5,000 women found that nine out of […]


July 10, 2002

July 26th Why is Nancy Dell’Olio being beaten up by the British press just because she has kept her man? Sven-Goran Eriksson, the taciturn Swede, is not my idea of a good night out, but if Nancy loves him, and […]

House Moves

June 10, 2002

June 11th An estate agent selling my house told me that if a man comes to view without his wife, and makes an offer, the offer is accepted. If a woman comes to view without her husband, they insist she […]


June 10, 2002

June 28th What’s the difference between men’s and women’s tennis? Power? Speed? Prize money? Sponsorship? The answer is sex. Men are allowed to be sex symbols and serious tennis players. Women have to make a choice. Anna Kournikova is nothing […]


May 10, 2002

May 5th Ruth Kelly, economic secretary to the Treasury, is concerned that women are not interested in long-term financial planning. Women over the age of 55 are half as likely as men to have their own pension. This figure falls […]