Health & Safety

March 1, 2004

Will the destruction of the World Trade Centre give a new impetus to Health and Safety regulations? I do not see this as a good thing. It will not be possible to build a fire-proof, bomb-proof, terrorist- proof building, any […]


March 1, 2004

The late Denis Severs, Canadian eccentric and Georgian fanatic, has just published a book titled 18 Folgate St, about the house he used to live in and open to the public. Denis was barmy. He kept a horse and cart […]

High Rise

September 1, 2001

September 2001 My agent in New York tells me that when they re-build the World Trade Centre, they will make it bigger. I like the defiance and worry about the consequences. Tall buildings are monuments to our skill, but they […]

The Hut

September 1, 2001

September 2001 I have just spent a week in a hut in a forest in Shropshire. The hut has no running water, no electricity, and no foundations. It is made of heavy lapped board, with a pan-tiled pitched roof, sufficiently […]


August 1, 2001

August 2001 If travel broadens the mind, that may be because it frees the mind from usefulness. Our daily lives are spent being functional. Our cars, homes, workplaces all have a primary purpose. However pleasant we make those environments, we […]