Walking is best initiative

November 1, 2005

Now that it’s half- term and London has shed its load of SUV’s crammed with children of assorted sizes, a group of us down in Spitalfields has decided to start our own Walking is Best initiative. We WIBS had a […]

The swanky party

November 1, 2005

Down in Spitalfields we are all very excited because Tracey Emin is publishing her new book of personal writings, STRANGELAND, this week. The swanky party is on Friday night, and Verdes is doing the food. This is wonderful for us, […]

Standard 2

October 9, 2005

Can it be true that a Chinese Herbalist with a bubbling blue fish tank has opened its doors in Spitalfields market? In the mornings I stand in my little rooms above our shop, drinking coffee and watching the ebb and […]

Standard 1

October 1, 2005

London is a mercurial city and that is part of its charm. The skyline changes, districts alter their character as different kinds of people move in and out. The Olympics, and Cross Rail will shift the balance in the East […]


December 10, 2004

My parents bought their first (and last) house in 1947. That was the coldest winter of the twentieth century. Mrs Winterson said the snow was as high as her upright piano, and that before my Dad and his pals pushed […]