In One Person by John Irving

May 5, 2012

‘We are formed by what we desire’ says Billy Dean, fatherless narrator and hero-in-chief of this novel. (P3) John Irving likes to track his characters over long stretches of time. In One Person begins in the early 1950’s, when Billy is 13, […]

The Henry Miller review

February 21, 2012

FREDERICK TURNER: RENEGADE. HENRY MILLER AND THE MAKING OF TROPIC OF CANCER. Yale Icons of America Series. What happens when the unreliable narrator turns out to be the cultural critic? What we write about fiction is never an objective response […]

Michael Cunningham – BY NIGHTFALL

November 2, 2010

By Nightfall begins with an animal sacrifice; a horse pulling a tourist carriage has been hit by a car on Broadway. For New Yorkers in a hurry the bloody spilled death of the horse is just another jag on their […]

The Talented Miss Highsmith

February 9, 2010

The Talented Miss Highsmith: The secret life and serious art of Patricia Highsmith. By Joan Schenkar. Published by St Martin’s Press. 660 pages. Reviewed by Jeanette Winterson. Patricia Highsmith said of herself, ‘I am always in love…’ (p348).Yet at her […]

New York Times Review – As A Friend by Forrest Gander

December 21, 2008

‘As soon as we make contact with the sacred, we’re face to face with death….’ (P106) Love is part of what is sacred in life. Through love we get a chance to see past our own boundaries – not only […]