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Telegraph Magazine front page of article: "Jeanette Winterson: I didn't believe in ghosts...until I started living with them' "

Is Humanity Smart Enough to Survive Itself? | Jeanette Winterson | TED Talk

Jeanette Winterson's Ted Talk
Durham book festival logo, a graphic of a stained glass window in red yellow and orange


Sway - Kara Swisher NY Times Podcast - Hot pink background with an androgynous woman in shades
Jeanette Winterson on the NYTimes Sway podcast - Sex Bots, Religion, and the Wild World of AI

Sex Bots,

Religion, and the

Wild World of AI

12 Bytes Title in hot pink
A collage-like cut out of a woman with a sheet draped low around her back, looking in a mirror and seeing a collage cut out of Ada Lovelace staring back
The cover for Jeanette Winterson's upconing book of ghost stories. A painting of a black night sky with a white moon, bordered on all sides by blue, red-orange, and black modern art interpreations of tree textures.
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